Ferrara Candy Company

Ferrara Candy Company came to EDE Corporation with one goal for the National Association of Convenience Stores show in 2018. This was to portray the wide variety of their candy brands in one exhibit space.  As EDE’s digital marketing specialist, it came down to me to design their graphics using the assets provided. In the end, I designed the ice cream bar menu, the circle graphics, overhead banner, LED graphics, wall graphics, and every single slide on the internal sales room.

After weeks of working on Ferrara’s NACS 2018 booth, I was selected to continue on for their exhibit with 7-11 at the beginning of 2019 to celebrate Ferrara’s upcoming promotions. Once again, my duties were to create all graphics on the exhibit and edit them according to client requests. Since this was my second time designing graphics to be printed on vinyl and displayed on an exhibit, I was much more in tune with how to make everything perfect and the job went much smoother.