call me marian.

I create and optimize campaigns using technical knowledge and understanding of client goals. Best known for filling an 8GB camera roll with pictures of my cat.

i'm an artist with a small business.

I have an online store and appear at multiple anime and comic conventions throughout the year to make in-person sales. From custom designed sweatshirts to handmade character plushies, I use everything I’ve learned in over a decade of liking video games to run my side gig.

online store

i actually like to look at data.

Believe it or not, sometimes numbers are alright, actually. I’m certified in Google Ads and Amazon e-commerce with a background in managing tough budgets and strategizing, from keywords and copy to bid strategies. I even come with the free entertainment of sending you funny search terms from search term reports.

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I'm always creating.

3D printing, plush sewing, armor building, game programming, electrical soldering – I’m always trying out a new hobby and working with  new medium. As an expert in searching online for help, learning new skills is a constant in my life.

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"What? Why are you asking me? Don't you want someone you've worked with to give you a recommendation?"
Kathleen Burley
My Mom